Smart Rendering – Enhancing User Experience

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) comes equipped with the powerful ‘Communities’ feature. It enables the development of a relationship with the site visitors that informs through blogs, Q&A and event calendars, while gaining insights through forums, comments, and other community content, often referred as User Generated Content (UGC).

With the release of AEM 6.2, users would further get an enhanced experience in translating the UGC. This has become possible because of this new feature – Smart Rendering. It lets one translate the complete User Generated Content, present on a community site, while loading the page.

In this blog, I would explain how to enable this feature and how to manage what language you’d see after the translation.

Let us start by learning as to How to enable Smart Rendering

When a user creates a community site in the ‘Author’ instance, using the Community site Creation Wizard and publishes it, Smart Rendering is not set. To do so, we need to publish and open the site in ‘Publish’ instance.

  1. Go to ‘Profile’ tab on the community as depicted below:


  1. Click on ‘Edit Profile’ button and you will find an option that says ‘Always show contributions in my preferred language’. Choose ‘On’ from the drop down menu


Now, we have successfully enabled the Smart Rendering.

Let us now learn as to how do we manage the ‘Target Language’

There are various factors that can affect the outcome you are going to see after the translation. To decide it, the system considers three options

  • User Language (ul)
  • Browser Language (bl)
  • Page Language (pl)

The User language is given highest priority. If you open ‘Profile’ tab for the first time, you’d notice that the user language (ul) is not set. If you click on the ‘Edit Profile’ settings, the system will set the user language to English (en) by default. You can choose from the drop down menu any language as your preferred language and the UGC will get translated into that language.


Suppose, at first, the User Language is not set, the system gives preference to Browser Language (bl). It can be found under the language settings in your respective browsers.

Page language (pl) is the language of the page or technically, the language of the community site. It is set while creating community site and given the least priority while translation happens.

This feature that makes it very convenient to enable Smart Rendering and set-up language preferences. Stay tuned for more on this!!

This blog post has been authored by Arun Rajan (AEM Translation Team).

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