XLIFF Article in Multilingual – Adobe Announces XLIFF2.0 connector for AEM

Great to see the work from Gcell developers get published in the January edition of the Multilingual Magazine “Adobe announces XLIFF 2.0 connector for Adobe Experience Manager to boost localization capabilities”:


Many thanks to Adobe for acknowledging the efforts of Gcell engineers!!

We are proud of the achievement, Thanks Adobe!!

Adobe.com Machine Translation widget launched

Two weeks back on 18th Dec 2015, Adobe.com launched a pilot project for allowing machine translation of English content to Korean language. You can check the new feature on

In all these product pages and sub pages for these products, you can see a new machine translation (MT) widget at the top.

 MT widget english page

If you click on hyperlink in that MT widget, it takes you to a new new page with all content translated in Korean language like this http://www.adobe.com/kr/products/premiere-elements.translate.html

MT widget translated page

In this new translated page, you can see all the text in the page is getting translated from english to Korean language. Also you can see that the MT widget at the top now changes to show a hyperlink to take you back to original english page or you can provide feedback on whether you like the translated content or not.

All the translation is based on the new AEM 6.1 translation API (API Link) and all the translation is done using Microsoft machine translation connector which comes bundled with AEM 6.1 out of the box.

This accomplishment was made possible by a fantastic partnership between the Adobe.com and Adobe Globalization teams and Gcell technologies AEM team. Gcell technologies engineering team designed, coded and tested the MT widget.

Next blog post I will give an insight into how MT widget was created, as I was the one responsible for designing and coding this cool widget, stay tuned.